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After a two-week shoot in the same attire, Nicodemou revealed that she sustained bruising on her ribs from where the dress' wear.

He has been sober for 14 years and has said that the addiction stemmed from his roots in British theater, emulating the public images of personal heroes like Peter O’Toole.

At a CLARE Foundation dinner he stated, “There’s this rush that happens from doing our job, this whirring buzz, and you want to continue that buzz." He now works with CLARE Foundation (a southern California non-profit facility) to help others with rehabilitation and sobriety.

She had already spent four years in the cast of television programme Heartbreak High.

Nicodemou took this into account when she accepted the role, only intending to remain with Home and Away for the duration of her six-month contract.

She said it makes Leah "a real character and makes her challenging to play". Nicodemou and Kwanten were permitted to choose their own wedding attire for the wedding episodes.

Nicodemou's choice of dress caused her problems while filming, because of its tight fit.In 2009, Leah struggles with the pressures of life.Nicodemou said she enjoyed portraying Leah's struggle as fights to cope with "work, her son and herself".This was followed by the television film Lord of Misrule, filmed in Fowey, Cornwall, which also featured Richard Wilson, Emily Mortimer and Prunella Scales.In 1997, Moyer made his big-screen debut landing the lead role in the film adaptation of the long-running comic strip Prince Valiant by Hal Foster, working alongside Ron Perlman and Katherine Heigl.Nicodemou was not required to audition and began filming in November that year.