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Men are not always great at connecting on an emotional level but if a man is serious about developing a relationship with you he will normally overcome his natural reservations and let down some of the boundaries around sharing his emotions.

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This investment of time will not wane after the relationship becomes sexual – if anything he will want to spend more time with you – someone who isn’t serious will often lose interest after they have succeeded in having sex and their attention may move onto the next challenge.Although it is important to understand that sometimes a man will be busy you should know that he would make time for you if he could and you are up there on his list of priorities.Does he turn his phone off and make you feel that for the time you are together he is really present?Intimacy Emotional intimacy is established when two people share their inner feelings, dreams, hopes and fears.Showing affection outside of the bedroom, in ways that don’t necessarily lead to sex – hugging, kissing, holding hands etc – gives a much stronger indication that he is ready for a relationship.

The company he keeps Men usually spend their time with people whose values they share.

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If a guy is serious about you, and serious about making you a bigger part of his life, he’s going to make you a priority.

One of the most intimate times for a man is after sex – if he wants to cuddle up and talk rather than roll over and fall asleep then he is much more engaged than if he were just casually dating you.

Affection Physical affection is more than just having sex but some women mistake a man’s sexual attention for serious intentions of a long term relationship – it isn’t necessarily so.

There is little point getting serious about someone who you see has only the ‘potential’ to be a good partner but who isn’t there yet – you need to accept them as they are now rather than what you think they could be in the future with some gentle nudging in the right direction.