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Photos from the sick killer's home show weapons stashed around the property in toolboxes, drawers and shelves for easy access.Among the many weapons confiscated were a Barrett Model 83A1 semi-automatic .50 caliber rifle and a Beretta Model 92FS semi-automatic pistol with an Ultima 9mm Sound Suppressor.'He had more ammo than some of my counterparts in other counties do in their whole departments,' Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said.Scientists from Barts, the London School of Medicine, and The University of North Texas have discovered the secret to the perfect online dating profile.

Cops heard Brown's screams and banging inside a heavily padlocked metal shipping container, and found her sitting inside with a chain around her neck connected to the wall.She told police that Kohlhepp had shot and buried her boyfriend Charlie Carver, 32, and raped her twice a day, every day, while holding her captive for two months.A serial killer has claimed that his victims were actually 'criminals' and that he was trying to 'save' the woman he held captive in a shipping container as a sex slave for two months.Todd Kohlhepp, 46, made the outrageous claims from behind bars in a South Carolina prison, writing a letter to a New York Post reporter that emerged on Saturday.'No one wants to really look at who they were, families, connections''Not that it makes it right, I was wrong to do what I did,' he then wrote, in his only hint of remorse for the vile crimes.

In addition to killing Carver, Kohlhepp has admitted to six other slayings: a quadruple homicide at a motorcycle dealership in 2003, and the murder of a husband and wife who were lured to his property very similarly to Brown and her boyfriend.Authorities earlier revealed Kohlhepp bragged in one video about wearing gloves when loading his gun to assure no fingerprints were on the casings.He also told authorities he pulled the gun apart and threw the components into different trash bins, putting the barrel into a bag of used kitty litter.I understand I am placed here so people will have a unusually hard time contacting me, especially media, as once here, my name and address are removed from the state inmate locator website. I am sure all the conspiracy theorists are loving that.Sorry, I never worked for any super secret government agency and this is not a movie. Investigators discovered an arsenal of weapons inside Kohlhepp's home after his arrest, which they suspect he obtained illicitly due to a 1987 felony conviction for kidnapping in Arizona that it illegal for him to purchase or own firearms.Now, Kohlhepp preposterously claims that Brown 'wasn’t raped' and that he was actually trying to help her.'She was in [the] shipping container because I didn’t want to hurt her, refused to turn her over to someone else who would and was buying time while I figured out a way to resolve this non-violently,' he claimed in the twisted jailhouse letter to Post reporter Melkorka Licea.