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Speaking to , he explained why shooting on-set in a prison meant so much to him."Having access to this prison meant we could film sequentially.

O'Connell's sheer lack of a cut-glass accent makes him a pretty thrilling addition to Britain's roster of talent.He talks passionately about the edgier elements of film-making."I was in real court the day I was starting a play called Scarborough at the Royal Court in London – waiting to find out if I was getting a custodial sentence."He didn't get a sentence and said that the alleged crime, which he hasn't discussed in detail, was for "defence purposes".Fame academy While his school might have been "rough", it sent him to the Television Workshop in Nottingham - a highly regarded institution that trains young people for stage and screen work.Big backers His friendship and working relationship with Angelina Jolie has undoubtedly given his career a leg-up.

She cast him in the lead of World War Two drama , in which he plays an athlete taken prisoner by the Japanese.I sang last night—a song that I wrote about a mate who passed away. It’s very productive for me to be in that position again. O’CONNELL: I started auditioning at the age of 13, which, all of a sudden, is now 10 years ago. I’ve had the good fortune of studying the 17th-century art of Amsterdam in preparation for a film. I remember jumping on trains down to the city, being totally broke, sometimes having to stay out overnight, really bumming it, having to choose between cigarettes and a sandwich. So I spent a decade getting to this level of recognition. I’ve had to eat a lot of shit without compromising myself, which is important, and that is down to the culture I hail from. I do think that has helped me with my progression, certainly with the rejection and shite side to it. AFTAB: You’ve played a lot of tough roles, but do you cry a lot? I cried at the West End musical production, but only the first time. He won his first screen role on star Kaya Scodelario.Raw talent Looking at Britain's upper-middle-class, Eton-and-Harrow dominated acting scene, O'Connell's rough, gutsy performances are a blessed relief.O'Connell wanted to be a professional footballer, but a knee injury aged 16 killed that dream.