Is rainie yang and show luo dating

He hands Lee a video explaining that Xiao Yu hadn't been engaged—she'd undergone a very risky heart surgery and hadn't wanted to hurt him by telling him the truth.

Lee goes to the island to find her—following the trail of pictures that she left him—and they meet up in Tasmania happily.

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Heartbeat Love (再一次心跳) is a 2012 Taiwanese short film starring Rainie Yang and Show Luo.

It was filmed in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania).

Heartbeat Love is a miniseries that chronicles the love story between two travelers named Lee Wei Chen and Yang Xiao Yu (played by Show Luo and Rainie Yang respectively) who, due to a gender misunderstanding on Xiao Yu's part, share a hotel room in Australia.

Xiao Yu initially mistakes Lee as being gay, and therefore agrees to share a room and sleep on the same bed as him.

They end up meeting again in a food store, where Xiao Yu is forced to beg for Lee's help in escaping a guy who comes in, though she refuses to tell Lee who the man is.

They continue their day and Xiao Yu finally forgives Lee. They continue to vacation, until the man Xiao Yu had run from shows up while she is trying on wedding dresses.

I just thought he really might not know that kai is dating krystal bcs how close he's with krystal & he often talks abt krystal.

And bcs he's not really that often in korea & meet kai, probably he didn't know abt it. Separation tends to be a hard concept for younger fans to grasp.

Lee asks her if she ever had any feelings for him, and she says no. After a year, Lee meets up with the man Xiao Yu had run from.

Lee asks about their marriage, and the man informs him that he is Xiao Yu's brother.

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