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Nikki Sixx got his name from one of his ex-girlfriend's ((ex))boyfriend's name. Nikki couldn't decide what he wanted his name to be and he thought that ((quote))Nikki Seven is just not a cool name((quote)).

Nikki ((Sixx not Syxx)) decided to just go with the word 'six' and add another 'x'.

To Chace: from page 62 of The Dirt, I quote "Through his day job at the Starwood, Nikki somehow managed to talk his boss into letting us play our first shows there:two sets on Friday and Saturday opening up for Y&T.

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i bet alot of rock stars now wish they never did what they did,while on you do not have your health you have nothing ,no matter how rich you are.For all of you Crue fans, I wanna say that you know what real rock n roll is.Alice Cooper just finished a sold out world tour and Van Halen are touring next year with David Lee Roth on the mic and I promise you that wont fail to sell out world wide either.So before you say KISS, Van Halen and Alice Cooper are dead think about it, there is no Motley Crue without such bands to influence them, and these bands will forever sell out tours u douche. Mick actually looked better than I would have thought, he was working his way around the stage really well.They performed great, and it was Tommy's birthday so when Aerosmith came on they gave him a birthday cake and he played drums for them on a song (Can't remember which one..was a loong night lol)Mick Mars is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met. People mistook her for Elaine Irwin who was married to John Cougar Mellancamp.

His attitude is generally upbeat and always crackin jokes. Hey, I knew all of these guys back in the day when RAT was the opening act.Nikki said that because of the boyfriend, he brushes from side to side everyday.Tommy Lee's first tattoo was Mighty Mouse crashing through a bass drum set. The bands first gig was at the 'Whisky A Go Go'Vince Neil lives in Las Vegas, Nevada off of the street, Tropicana.He definitely does not act as if he is "dead" and for a guy who lives with that pain of what he has, he does good just to get out of the house on a daily basis nevermind playing motley crue tours... To see Mick still out there, not battling thru it, but conquering it, is truly inspirational and the farthest thing from "sad". I was there for Nikki's 25 birthday,back when shows were general admission and the partying went from the stage to the floor and then to the dressing room.The only reason that Mick Mars walks around like a hunchback is because his spine is slowly bringing him to the ground. I wondered about it for several years, when I met him I asked him. I remember when Nikki decided to try and see life from both earth and the here after.they were best friends for many years and im sure they had to have groupies and other excesses together.