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Sometimes you also worry if your partner will show up at all.Whatever concerns you may have, make sure that you stay relaxed throughout the process and that you don’t worry too much.

That’s why once these relationships move into the offline world, some of them are destined to crumble.

They realize that they cannot physically live the online fantasy they have created.

'Most foreign marriage now happen on the internet, in dating sites, every time we ask where they meet and it is always the same,' says a Thai government official.

The scale of the phenomenon of foreigners marrying Thai women has meant that these marriages are now a real factor in overall foreign investment into Thailand.

Here are some tips that can help you feel more comfortable with the Online-to-Offline transition of your relationship: Have a phone conversation first before meeting.

This phone conversation can take place anytime during your online relationship.If you want to succeed with internet dating, an online romantic interest should be seen as a potential dating partner.Once it is established that there is a potential for a relationship, you and your online lover should try communicating on the phone and then meet in person.There is a lot to be aware of particularly if you are a foreigner to Thailand and contemplating using a Thai internet dating site to find your future life partner or simply joining a Thai dating site to expand your social life.Here are a few pointers that should help you understand the process: Thai Love continues to conduct research on Thai dating trends as part of our ongoing business development process.Research conducted by our dating site over a six month period shows that a whopping 55% of dating members had successfully found a new life partner within twelve months of joining the No.1 Thai dating site.