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I’ve had a few mums come up to me and agree heartily with that sentiment! “When I looked out into the crowd it was all older people; my parents’ age.

It's hard to connect with like-minded people with just the one gay club in Adelaide (and heaven forbid you don't like clubbing)!

This group is for lesbian and bisexual women of any age and background to meet up regularly for dinner, drinks, roller derby, movies and other fun-filled activities.

The ladies here are not seeking anything more than friendship and if you are interested in anything more, we ask that you not join.

Any members found to be crossing that very distinct line will be asked to desist.

, and earlier this week with Perfect Tripod in the Festival Theatre with cabaret stalwart Eddie Perfect.

Yon (Simon Hall) – the not tallest one of the group has also been spending time writing his own stand-up show to share with unsuspecting audiences.

My parents haven’t seen it either; they don’t need to! It’ll be her riposte.” Is there anything else you would like to add?

” And does she still love you after exposing her in that way? “If people would like to get a sense of the show, they can find some of the songs online by going to Google, and type in Catherine began her Arts Journalism career in 2001.

“Then, I had a mid-life crisis-type thing; hard times with family, the inevitable thing when a man has children and the adjustments I had to make; it all fed in to thoughts of doing my own show… ” You’ve written all of the songs yourself, so tell us about a few of them. “There’s another about tiny acts of chivalry and how they can add up to getting to have sex with someone.” Is that pity sex? Do you order pizza and wait for the girl to deliver your pizza… I can’t say but I’d like to think that it’s an age-old thing that goes on in men’s minds – not that I’m speaking for any other men.

“There’s one song about wanting to be with a really tiny woman – really really small, so as to make me feel really powerful.” Well, you are kind of short-statured yourself, aren’t you! All I can go by is the reaction that the song gets.

“At the same time, I had always wondered about doing stand up.