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Rockstar Games popularized the go-anywhere, do-anything open-world genre with "Grand Theft Auto III" in 2001. "We don't want anybody else to raise the bar for a genre that we created and that everybody else ripped off," Barrera said.

Violence: Whether this game is violent or not is completly based on how the player plays the game.

If a player shoots an rpg at a cop car then there will be a violent battle.

"This is the story of an immigrant, and we feel that this world is so real and has so many details that you are the immigrant. So you're kind of coasting along with [protagonist] Niko [Belic] in sort of a way that hasn't been done before in our games. We're not giving any of that away yet, but it definitely sets up the story and the mood ... "The way that we're telling it takes a different tone," Barrera said.

in terms of the choreography and the flow of this game, I think there's something really special there that we haven't quite done with other games that I think are going to surprise a lot of people." But for gamers who only want to cause havoc, the game will offer that and the standard amount of weapon-unlock cheat codes. For better or worse, the biggest surprise to many people about the most recent console installment in the series, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," was the unfinished interactive sex scenes left deep within the code of the game discs and accessible to hackers. "Niko's background is that he comes from a war-torn country. But it ends up being almost as violent as a war-torn country.

"I don't see anything being bigger in 2008 in any entertainment," Barrera said as he sat on a black couch in Rockstar's demo room, proudly sporting a white T-shirt with a large "IV" printed on the front.

"We think it's that big, and we just have to get the word out." What Barrera and the development team that handles the game in New York and in Scotland-based Rockstar North are promising is the king of open-world games.This game gives them a chance to use their imagination so they dont go out and do the real thing.In the game, it shows you how drinking and drving is bad and how a bad concious can hurt you. Don't act like they haven't heard the "f-word" or don't know what a prostitute is. I've played the game, and I found it to be one of the most fun games ever.Drugs: One thing that is extremely exaggerated is the drugs in this game. Overall, I think that this game is sutible for 10 and up. Parents need to remember that video games are, well.... Children are not going to hire protitutes for sex or do drugs just because some thug in a game does.The content in this game is iffy, but odds are, your child already knows how this is how the world is (in some rare places). Don't worry your child is not going to become a pot-smoking murderer.Yes, there is a lot of things involving drugs, drinking, language, violence, and a little bit of sex, but not much sex.