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Maybe everything is fine over text, but if your date seems way less interested in your life than he was on the first few meet-ups, he might be getting ready to ghost. “He is no longer engaged in conversation or previously shared interests.And while his behavior is noticeably different, if he is confronted, he denies that anything is wrong,” says Teresa Solomita, a psychoanalyst and relationship Therapist in NYC.

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“See if he goes silent and doesn’t respond,” says Kemi Sogunle, a relationship expert, speaker, and author.If it happens, then prepare yourself for a vanishing act.“This type of attention can be intoxicating, but remember they are just words. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is.” For better insight into whether or not he’s “the one” here are 15 Signs Your Partner is Marriage Material.It’s normal to avoid the nitty gritty details of your past relationships with a new partner.“A capacity to ignore the past indicates a propensity for what’s known as ‘emotional cutoff,’ which is the ability to completely sever relationships.” In other words, he’s likely ghosted before, and he’s probably good at it.

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But if treats his entire romantic past like secret life of which you know zilch, that’s a serious warning sign.

“How someone handled themselves in past relationships provides insight into how they value interpersonal relationships in the present,” explains Paul L. D., a psychotherapist who practices in New York, Malibu, and London.

But if you try to bring it up with them, they’ll probably give you excuses they think sound “good”: “Work is so busy now. Pressure from my family to come visit more often,” she says. “They usually are a harbinger of things to come.” “It can be a big red flag if someone comes on way too strong at the very beginning of a relationship,” explains Graham.

“If they start making future plans and goo-goo eyes on the first date, you could be in trouble.

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