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The gum is far more entertaining than your furious face.Montreal girls are not fans of winter time, but at least we know it lasts for 3 months, not the entire year.

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When we travel somewhere else and say we're from Montreal, Canada, and people react as if they were sorry for us because of the cold weather, we just wanna punch them right in the face. Being compared to other girls makes us feel uncomfortable and, sometimes, insecure. We like to feel comfortable with our choices and seek love where we know we will find it.

How can they think it's freezing cold all year long? Try to compare a Montreal girl to any other girl to see what happens. Maybe it's with a guy, maybe it's with another girl. When we choose to be with another girl and some people are astonished at our choice, it makes us very, very angry. If we wanna walk hand in hand in the Village, then we will.

It's an unpleasant mix of bad drivers, crazy cyclists and inattentive pedestrians. Instead, we may wear snow boots, winter jackets and layers -- a lot of layers. We share something and people say how much they hated it, instead of understanding it's just our point of view (or a joke).

You will see a lot of angry little madams wandering around Montreal during the winter. You are at a house party on Mile End and your friend introduces you to her British friend. Our Facebook feed is now a war between our hater friends.

You can pick and message guys based on their pictures and profiles.) We’ll be at a bar and Dave’s phone will start blowing up and I realize — we are by Grindr users.

New York City has a huge Grindr population, and with the app, it’s mind-blowingly easy to find someone to hook up with. The guys I know realize that if they want an actual relationship, Grindr is probably not the place to look.It doesn't matter if it's about men or women, if it's a sexist post then it's absolutely annoying. The person who wrote about it must be a complete idiot, right? We don't think (not only for a second) that maybe it's just his or her job. You would be surprised to know how many animals are driving in Montreal these days. It's infuriating how people still dare to say that only women are bad drivers. Extremely low temperatures leaves no room for shorts, sandals, tank tops etc. “That guy is close enough to be in your building,” Dave said of one guy who messaged me “U R Close.” It was kind of like that urban legend where the murderer calls the babysitter and says “I’m in the bassssssement” except instead of killing me this guy wanted to hook up with me. I was using Dave’s name, and photo, so they wanted to hook up with him.But I kind of forgot that as I crafted dirtier and dirtier messages to these guys.Of course it's nice to see that guys are looking at us, it makes us feel good. You see this happening a lot on Downtown, where it's more busy. We like to feel comfortable and relax with our friends at nice places, like the Drinkerie.