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"I'm doing a sitcom [in New York] so that I can be available to them," says Byrne. It was incredibly fascinating to men because it looked like a secret door into a world that we knew nothing about." As for his own series, Mr.Byrne insisted that the show would not be about stereotypes and he railed against movies that show 60-year-old actors matched with 20-year-old girlfriends saying he hoped Madigan Men would have him dating women his own age.

Byrne began his acting career with Dublin's Project Theatre, later joining the Abbey Theatre and London's Royal Court Theatre.

He made his feature film debut in John Boorman's Excalibur, then Defence of the Realm, and in 1990, made his American film debut in the Coen brothers' movie Miller's Crossing .

Byrne’s pal, politician Mannix Flynn, was first to publicly congratulate the couple on RTE’s Liveline.

Ellen Barkin was all set to marry Amal Alamuddin's colleague Ben Emmerson, but just weeks after they got engaged over New Year's, she began to have second thoughts about their whirlwind romance, a source reveals to Us Weekly.

"There are wonderful writers working in television superb writers and it seems to me that the complexity of issues that are dealt with in television are far more interesting than the formulas that movies allow." Daily News TV writer Ellen Gray quoted this ulterior motive: "Time is precious, and I want to spend that time with my children, and this allows me to do that," Byrne said of "Madigan Men," in which he'll play a New York-based architect with an Irish accent. Byrne, who has two children, Jack, 10, and Romey, 7, with former wife Ellen Barkin, is moving to New York now that Barkin and the children are living there with her new hubby, billionaire Ronald Perelman.

The Dublin-born Byrne, while a fan of New York, said he's prepared to follow his children wherever they move.Grant Shaud, who voiced one of the animated insects in recent smash hit movie Antz, will also star.Dublin-born Byrne, who is reportedly in talks to appear in the next Star Wars movie, will record his scenes as Benjamin Madigan in the new series between September and December."It happened quickly, but she's totally fallen for him and flies to see him all the time," an insider told Us at the time, adding that the Brit had "swept her off her feet." Once the newness of the relationship wore off, however, Barkin realized "she didn't know him well enough" to marry him, the first source says."She got swept up in the moment." In the end, the insider tells Us, she called it quits and "gave back the ring." This would have been Barkin's third marriage."From my experience, I'd never seen a series that dealt with the secret emotional lives of men," the Irish actor says.