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I joined Fusion101Christian dating the good points are it's free! I am finding I am going thought profiles that are no good, a lot of the people I feel are after a green card!

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Also, if God wants all men to be saved, and man does not have free will to oppose God's will, then all men are predestined for Heaven.

It doesn't say God wants only the elect to be saved, but rather " all men." If God wants all men to be saved, then He certainly does not predestine any to Hell.

I think it is a wonderful method of meeting new friends and potential mates.

We have very recently created an online dating community for the spiritually minded christian. Our desire is to eliminate or discourage the dishonest from registering.

While reading all this serious stuff I cracked up when I read your 8775 prayer room 8776 comment in your 8766 Where 8767 s the easy button 8776 article love the humor!

I have had the opportunity of using several online dating sites.

You see, this James is clearly identified as an apostle.

Yet, of the two apostles named James that we find in the list of the twelve apostles (., Matthew 65:6-9), one of them had a father named Zebedee and the other had a father named Alphaeus - neither one of them had a father named Joseph!

Did He say, accept me into your heart once and that's it? Jesus said to keep the commandments and you will have life. We know that not everyone will agree with our reviews, but that 8767 s the beauty of our plan.

When we update our reviews, we want them to be influenced by and include feedback from you.

6) If you knowingly reject the Church and its teachings as the “ordinary” means of salvation, you cannot be saved.