Free stocking chat line

You can only use this with those who have you in their contact list.

To broadcast, go to Chats Last year, Whats App rolled out the ability to send documents to contacts.

Whats App also now lets you use flash on the front-facing camera so you'll be well-lit for all selfies you send. To add them to your chats on i OS, tap the ( ) button Whats App celebrated its eighth birthday by giving users the ability to expand their status updates beyond text.

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Two-step verification is a must if you're concerned about security.

If you decide you want it on Whats App, you'll have to enter a six-digit passcode when you use the app, but the inconvenience is worth the peace of mind.

To enable it, go to Settings Love them or hate them, you can take care of a series of photos you've received in one fell swoop.

If you've been sent multiple photos, tap them and hold and you'll be presented with a choice to forward them all or delete them all.

On Whats App, editing tools appear automatically after capturing a new photo or video, or importing one saved on the phone.

Then you can add text in different colors and fonts (check out instructions for i Phone and Android).

It's very easy to smooth out wrinkles and adjust the length by using the palms of the gloves.

We sell 2 rubber donning gloves, Sigvaris and Mediven, and a cotton glove that has been dipped in rubber from Jobst.

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The desire for encrypted communications is no longer limited to spies, informants, and journalists.

If one of your #squadgoals is to never be out of touch with each other, then you'll want to start a group chat. Name the group, and select an image if you want one associated with it.