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Actually, it's more precise, saying that I'll snuff it at AM of that fateful day.

Which, given my sleeping patterns, means I'll die in my sleep; could be worse.

They played for just over an hour, and played mostly old songs (doing a spirited rendition of Temptation at one point).

They played a number of Joy Division numbers, and quite well (though Barney did mix up the lyrics to Transmission a little), and various New Order classics (including True Faith, which they did with the true lyrics that don't appear on the recordings).

From The Onion: Judge Orders God To Break Up Into Smaller Deities, finding the Judeo-Christian Deity to be an illegal monotheopoly.

Of course, whether or not it'll actually happen is another matter; didn't the defendant contribute heavily to the Bush campaign?

We lined up outside the Metro (a former theatre, which is now a teeny-bopper nightclub of some sort) with other fans; one contingent had an English flag (that's the red-and-white Cross of St.

George, not the Union Jack) with "NEW ORDER" inscribed upon it.The support band was local outfit Underground Lovers, who played a set, mostly of rock numbers; they weren't bad.Then came a DJ set from Arthur Baker (who worked with New Order in the 80s). (Their line-up had changed slightly, with Gillian staying home to take care of a sick child, and some young bloke (either the guy from Smashing Pumpkins or the one from Primal Scream, I think) taking over her duties on guitar and keyboards.Well, at least he didn't have it dynamited like those other religious whackos.Though you'd think that covering up nude statues was a cause that only attracted doddering crackpots.Barney (who, strangely enough, looked like a middle-aged version of the Bernard Sumner in the old videos, his hair either bleached or greying) made comments between the songs, showing his sense of humour; at one stage, he said that he thought that the lyrics of Joy Division's Atmosphere were about golf. Peter Hook almost stole the show with his bass-playing, crouching to play the instrument at ankle-level, and leaping onto a podium at various stages in a heroic pose.