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There are two reasons to think it and Meerkat will be popular for longer than their ill-fated forbear.

At one point, one of them began using a Zippo lighter to ignite a cloud of aerosol spray, the tried-and-true method of creating a tiny flamethrower, which subsequently set off some kind of beeping smoke alarm in their apartment.

What's kind of weird about the abundance of gorgeous starlets is that the porn game isn’t what it used to be. If a starlet has a new scene coming out, is featured dancing at the local strip club, or is just doing a private webcam show later, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat come in handy in getting the word out. Porn stars often deal with their accounts getting deleted or hacked and fake profiles popping up everywhere.They also have to deal with the physical strain of grueling scenes, personal problems, or the desire to start a new life. Sometimes they vanish, leaving fans wondering what happened.Harli Lotts (not her real name) knows her audience better than just about anyone I've ever met in online media.In just two years, the bubbly blonde from El Paso, Texas, has gone from manager of a rent-to-own store to rising internet starlet by making personal connections with a loyal online audience.Both apps offer quick and easy ways to broadcast a live video feed from your i Phone (both are i OS only, for now) publicly to a global audience.

Both let you swiftly switch between the front-facing and rear-facing “selfie” camera to show your expressions or give a Darren Aronofsky-style sense of intensity to your movements. But could it be that there’s more beautiful women currently working in porn than ever before?Still, it’s something to consider as you check out Complex’s Top 100 Hottest Porn Stars. The typical plan is to get hired by the bigger companies for maximum exposure and then use social media to get in touch directly with fans.We were part of an international audience watching a broadcast on Periscope, a livestreaming video app released last month by Twitter.Periscope and its predecessor Meerkat, another rival streaming app released recently, have quickly gained the attention of many tech bloggers, and it’s easy to understand why, even including more mundane broadcasts than the one I described above.Interestingly, Meerkat chose to use Twitter for its login and comments system, yet is made by the rival, dystopian-sounding company “ Life On Air, Inc.” Both apps thrive on the immediacy that Twitter offers, and highlight live video broadcasts from the people you follow on Twitter, but importantly, they also surface quasi-random live video feeds from broadcasters around the globe.