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, Will Ferrell plays a stock broker that gets framed for embezzlement and gets convicted for it.

He's sentenced for five to ten in San Quentin max security prison.

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To get prepared, he hires a black guy who he thinks went to prison to prepare him for Quentin. In the scene, Will Ferrell is preparing to do it to a gay man in a bathroom stall in a California gay spot.At one point, Will Ferrell's character ends up touching face to organ.Telephoto lenses, on the other hand, show images without distortion but are way too “zoomed in” and compress near and far objects giving a shallow dept of field (subject is crisp, background is blurred) meaning it has to be focused just right or else the subject will be blurry. Number 2, they have a much more shallow depth of field so you either have to hold it the perfect distance away from your face and not move or make one that constantly auto re-focuses, which would get expensive.So until someone creates a cheap hybrid lens to take care of this problem we’re stuck with wide angle lenses in our cell phones and web cams.However, years and years of looking in the mirror has made our mind “used to” the mirror version, so when we see the real “un-mirrored” version, like the webcam shows us, it surprises us.

Fix: Mirror our video feed playback when we see it, that way we’re not creeped out by it.It’s actually possible to do this without a green screen.If you create software that does the following: before video chatting, the camera needs to take a picture of the background without you or the chair you’re sitting in. Make sure you do NOT move the camera even slightly.Fix: Higher quality lenses might fix the “surveillance” look and feel of video chatting.We multi-task when we drive (which is stupid, don’t do it), when we’re on the phone, when we’re eating, so it’s only normal for us to want to do it when we’re video chatting.After the snapshot you can start video chatting and the camera software will compare the snapshot of the background with the current image and subtract everything that was in the original snapshot (so the background (your messy room) will be removed completely but you’ll stay).