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As the climate dried out during the subsequent millennia, the lake shrank, and large, wind-driven sand dunes invaded the original depression, dividing it into several smaller basins.

The area shown in this image is approximately 11 by 9 km (7 by 5.5 mi).

Radar data suggests that Aorounga is one of a set of three craters formed by the same impact event.

The other two suggested impact structures are buried by sand deposits.

High School Musical with a Tokyo Ghoul twist You don't have to watch Tokyo Ghoul to understand this, though.

It's mostly based in the HSM verse anyway: After reading countless articles and watching hundreds of videos online, Chad ends up developing a… A Chad/Ryan slash fic Troy and Chad have always been best friends.

CBB housemates Sarah Harding and Chad Johnson have become the shock reality couple that none of us saw coming.

A Girls Aloud star and a luxury estate agent and Bachelor from across the pond… But while we have SO many questions about their unlikely romance, the big question left on everyone’s lips after Wednesday night’s episode is ‘did they have sex? Read: All the Latest Celebrity News The loved-up pair were already seen getting steamy under the sheets last week – but Sarah and Chad’s relationship showed no signs of slowing down as things got even raunchier in the CBB bedroom.

His summer relationship with Ryan has totally dissolved. Winning the championship feels like a shot for things to go back to the way they're supposed to, but he gets dragged into the musical, everything just gets even more confusing. Chad is all about basketball, and he's totally straight- that is, until summer vacation. They had only kissed before and done some heavy petting, what they called ‘practice’.

He manages to ignore his feelings until he's forced to face them in a heated ball game.

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