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Sim Yee: So why has Lunch Actually pushed out e Synchrony this year? Violet: These initiatives actually serve different target customers.

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Stop communicating with anyone who pressures you into revealing personal information or attempts in any way to trick you into revealing it. Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc.) for initial communication to protect your privacy.

phone call can reveal a lot about a persons personality, communication and social skills.

Since matches are suggested based on compatibility matching, does it imply that clients only get to know people who are similar to themselves? By compatibility matching, we are mostly talking about the compatibility of values.

For example, Jamie is more of an introvert while I’m an extrovert.

Eteract helps us to capture the online market segment and allows members to access and meet new people at their own convenience. e Synchrony, however, fills the gap between these two.

Members get to view matches suggested based on a compatibility matching and profiling completed online. No sign up required, just click link to start choosing the temp jobs of your choice. Violet Lim and her husband Jamie Lee founded the first lunch dating agency in Singapore, Lunch Actually, back in 2004 when they realised that many eligible young professionals were simply too busy for love and dating.I think it’s also important for the business to keep innovating with time, with the changing customer trends and needs.I understand that you’ve just published your first book, Lessons from 15,000 First Dates.I say, it’s no surprise that they’re still unattached!