Disaster movie im dating song

A young man seeks a girlfriend throughout the film, referring to women with derogatory, sexually suggestive terms.

A man in a Viking helmet, jewelry, and a clock in front of his genitals dances at the end of the film along with a dwarf wearing briefs and socks.Throughout the film, young men dance and grab their crotches.A young woman appears in most scenes of the film wearing a series of short cocktail dresses that reveal bare legs and cleavage.A young woman wears a halter-top that reveals cleavage.- The film is a series of abruptly changing scenes of earthquakes, tornadoes, mass assassinations, pregnancy, childbirth in emergency situations, violent fist fights, female wrestling matches, multiple automatic gunshots, dismemberment, stabbings, martial arts bouts, attacks by rabid chipmunks and museum statues that become animated, and attacks by deranged superheroes.

Four young adults enter a storeroom in the darkness and hear flapping wings, mechanical chipmunks with wide, yellow-ring irises use demonic voices to sing unintelligible lyrics, one foams at the mouth and they all fly and chase the four people, biting them (no blood) on the shoulders, necks, backs, and on the genitals of one male (through clothing); the people beat the chipmunks with metal poles and then trap them in a metal garbage can (we hear grunting, screaming, crying, crunching and thudding), the chipmunks knock down a pregnant teen and eat her back (we see ribs and vertebrae and a small amount of blood and gore) and the teen dies (she reappears in a later scene).A young woman eats a beer bottle (we see her very bloody mouth and blood runs down the left side of her chin), and the scene cuts to her on a street outside with friends (no blood).A young woman rides in a car, steps out into broken glass and her bare toes are shown completely bloodied (when she walks into a nearby building, her toes show no blood or injury at all).A young woman raises her skirt to dance (we see no flesh).An unmarried pregnant teen sings about not wanting an abortion while her boyfriend sings that she should get one. Although our site is very popular, the current economic climate has reduced our revenues just when we need extra security to prevent attacks from hackers who don't like what we do.