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We have tons of inappropriate words and phrases already stored in our brains. Lots of seemingly innocent words—common words that you’ll use in casual Spanish multiple times daily—can be transformed into total dirtiness if used in the wrong context.

Even if you always say it’s no small wonder that it can be used to casually refer to one’s private parts—mostly for ladies.

You’ll get some giggles if you say this one with misplaced emphasis, silly context where it could be somehow construed sexually or if everyone has had enough ) that night.

Clean meaning: Chicken breast/human chest, human breast Dirty meaning: Breasts Let’s clear all this up right away: can be used when speaking about medical issues, physical fitness, breastfeeding and any other usual topic of conversation.

Pechuga, when used in reference to a person, conveys that you think of that person as a slab of meat.

Pay attention when people speak or ask your hosts if you’re unsure!

Honestly, you can never go very wrong with If your conversation partner thinks the sentence ends there, funny looks will abound.It’s pretty much a toss up when you’ll get someone snickering at you for using it, no matter where in the world you are—though I’ve heard the word is actually off limits in Chile and Peru, so you might want to ask when you arrive at your Spanish-speaking destination.Clean meaning: I fall (Just don’t say this one to your boss or your boyfriend’s grandmother..”It’s just proof that, deep down, nobody ever really grows up enough to stop giggling at unintentional sexual euphemisms and scatological humor. It’s also kind of beautiful, when you really think about it—this is something that intrinsically connects human beings from all races and religions. Like, it’s amazing that you can go use a public bathroom anywhere in the world and discover that some bored bathroom occupant before you drew a tally-wacker.It’s something that people just , regardless of ethnicity or native language. These phrases are just more evidence of this phenomenon.Clean meaning: Toad Dirty meaning: A lady’s hoo-ha This one is number one of my list, because I’ve had people laugh at me when actually speaking about toads in the context of ongoing biological research.