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Pictures, Sony Pictures, and Alcon Entertainment are canceling the red carpet for tomorrow's screening of Blade Runner 2014,' said the company on Monday, according to Variety.'We join the rest of the country in sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this tragedy.' Following the movie's release, Ryan will gear up to play Neal Armstrong in the biographical drama, First Man.

All the cliches about Hollywood that you hear bandied about in movies about Hollywood are essentially true, especially the one about how one day you’re hot shit and the next day you’re yesterday’s hot shit.

Rather women are taught to be self-less and to care, and more often than not, feel an obligation to do so.

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'I’m working on it.' Gosling enjoyed a date night with wife Eva Mendes, 43, at the SNL after party at TAO on Saturday night.

Eva donned a red, black and white printed two piece pantsuit as she held her husband's hand.

From elaborate tap numbers to a ballroom pas de deux across the cosmos to one showstopper of a piano solo, Gosling does it all — or does he?

Watching Gosling flex his triple-threat muscles, it’s easy to wonder how much of his bravura performance is the genuine article and how much is movie magic.

The star-studded event was well attended by cast and crew, and US Weekly reports Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Swizz Beat, Ben Affleck and his girlfriend SNL producer Lindsay Shookus were some of the many celebrities at the after party.

The actor spent the majority of the week prepping for the comedy show and also promoting his new flick, Blade Runner 2049.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, the actor, 36, revealed his baby girl learned how to 'give the finger' when she accidentally witnessed a spot of road rage in the Big Apple. 'That’s about as good as it gets.' Dressed in a dapper dark grey suit and black tie, the La La Land star covered his eyes and laughed with Kimmel about his daughter's actions.

'And two cars went smash, and smoke started pouring out of the cars, and these two guys got out and I won’t repeat the hand gestures for you, but I just quickly covered her eyes and ran away from the window.''She learned to give the finger in New York. Gosling struggled to keep a straight face through most of his sketches as the host of the season 43 premiere of Saturday Night Live on Saturday, which featured musical performances by Jay-Z.'I have this weird disorder where when I find something funny, I laugh,' he told Kimmel.

Now you can add to that list “accomplished showman,” as Gosling is earning raves for his song-and-dance performance in Damien Chazelle’s old-school musical La La Land.

As hangdog jazz cat Sebastian, Gosling soft-shoes his way through a fantasy Los Angeles with down-on-her-luck actress Mia (Emma Stone), and as romance blossoms, their emotions tend to explode into euphoric production set pieces complete with all the classical trimmings.

The Harrison Ford comparison is one that gets brought up a in Hollywood, mostly because Ford is the rare species of Hollywood leading-man whose star power has endure for four decades.