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Naturally you’d like to use your own car to travel not only from home to work, but also to explore your new surroundings.What you may not have bargained for is the cold Northern German winter which brings with it ice, snow and wind – perhaps a totally new driving experience.

From the look out you can see Sleeping Giant, East Rock, downtown New Haven, and Long Island Sound.The air was heavy with haze and humidity when we went, but we still lingered around laying on the wall, relaxing, and enjoying the view.Tweeters, midranges, fullranges, woofers, subwoofers. Are you from abroad and have recently moved to Wolfsburg or are considering moving to Wolfsburg? The site „Wobpatriates“ gives an overview of life in Wolfsburg and supports you during your arrival and settling in here in Germany.Heading back we decided to go right down from the lookout to meet up with the red trail at its southern most point.

Along the way back we stumbled across the farm animals at Common Ground High School.Maybe you feel a little uncertain when your wheels start spinning, the windscreen wipers are running at top speed and you can hardly see what’s happening in the traffic around you…Don’t worry; you really can drive in these weather conditions.From the parking area we decided to head north along the red trail. It is also the main multi-use trail so you may find horses or mountain bike riders along the way.After 0.6 miles we met up with the purple trail and headed west up the ridge.It took a while before we had an open view of Lake Dawson to our west.