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There is absolutely no way anyone would pay money seeing the way the backoffice looks.Lots of very promising functionalities in the plugin description but the simplest ones do not properly function.

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The method of work will be whether selling addresses or membership, or combining both options.Western agencies also offer gift delivery, translation and email forwarding services.After you take the test, you will be shown those participants who, in our opinion, are the best match for you.We have tried to develop the test so that it will enable you to find that special person with whom you could build a family and easily live together.The average price per address is , translation - -15 per page, and email forwarding - -8 per page.

The addresses of women are very seldom verified, and the women are almost never contacted on a regular basis.In the list of functions: Mutual Likes, Gifts, Dating photos, Ajax searching and any fields searching, Highlighing members widgets and many more in this great module.High quality and fanatically fast support for this product is guaranteed! Stay up with daily horoscope information and know what surprises are waiting for you.Yes Mr Author, mastering php is not enough to make a great WP plugin.Add to this that the plugin developper has no time to handle any support even for paying users.If there are not currently any matches among the registered users, you will immediately be notified when such people register in the future.