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We thought we’d get your opinions on the mythical sweet spot.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of couples who met online tie the knot and five percent of married Americans say they met their partner over the internet.

The fact that he can give of himself to something is a good indication that he’ll be giving inside a relationship, too.HIS PEERS Did you know that the majority of guys who get married had a friend who got married within the last year?So you’ve read his profile, and he seems like a great catch…but how can you be sure?I’m sure you’ve heard that in order to find love, you should throw out your “checklist” – you know, that laundry list of items in the back of your mind that describe your ideal man.HIS MATURITY LEVEL What I’m referring to here is “emotional” maturity.

You can find out about this rather quickly when you meet a guy simply by observing how he reacts to things and how he treats the people around him.This can range from the practical, with sites dedicated to serving specific religions or sexualities, to the…silly, with sites that connect golfers, gluten-free singles, and people with herpes (These can manifest in the form of specialized AI mechanisms that automatically match you to individuals who you are likely to connect with, games that you can play with others as a means of breaking the ice, and even mixers which you can attend to meet fellow members in person.And the man who respects you for it is a quality man.________________________________________________________________________There are critical moments that define your relationship with a man, from the moment you meet him all the way through commitment – and they can either break you apart or bring you even closer together.To learn how to handle them, subscribe to Christian’s free e-newsletter.If you’re at a restaurant, for example, and they’re taking a bit longer to get you your table, does he take it in stride, or does he start to lose his temper?