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I originally titled this post "what you can do with 0 dollars a day" but changed it to 200 just to be more exciting and to account for accommodation.Two hundred dollars a day in Pattaya will go a long way, and if your spending anymore than that your going crazy.

Best part about the hotel is they don't charge to take girls back to the hotel.

So forget beach road and the beer bars, you have some dosh in your pocket, you want to get the goods.

Now you could spend way more than 1000 baht at nightclubs in Pattaya however I'm getting too old to hear super sonic loud music and prefer to just hunt for girls.

But a trip to the nightclubs in Pattaya are a good way to get out of the room for a bit and you never know what you'll take out of the club, many times I've been out to the clubs and never left with a Thai girl but some other girl tourist which is always good for something different.

You want to look for a decent bachelor hotel room in Pattaya.

Luckily I know just the place, the siam sawasdee hotel is priced just right at about 900 baht per night which still leaves you with lots of spending money.Anyone care to tell me how much you average for spend per day in Pattaya?My Motherlode KCRA TV KXTV Recent Earthquakes Public Records Search Jackson Business & Community Asso.Take your time and check out a few clubs though, you want to find the best looking girl you can for under 2500 baht.For this money you will get some really really good looking Thai girl.The hotel room you book should have a free buffet breakfast, take advantage of that and eat a Thai meal for lunch.