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Since I made the site fairly generic in terms of the receipt of messages, it only took a few small modifications to get the app integrating just as nicely as the virtual number did.

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That's not a very effective camaflouge if you're trying to hide your real number from somebody, they'll be immediately suspicious of that.

So I enlisted the help of a starter kit, a 365 day recharge and a little bit of Android magic to setup a second phone number.

It accepts numbers from anywhere in Australia, and is reposted to Twitter, Facebook and a RSS feed automatically. If you want to trial, ring 0406650430 and leave a voice mail. Or just ring until the mailbox answers and then hang up - your call will show up in the missed calls section.

Anytime you get in one of those situations where someone wants your mobile number to 'text you later', but you really dont want them to be able to hassle you....

Any incoming call (and subsequent voicemail) that has come from a private number is ignored. To make it simple - the only things au accepts are 'normal' text messages, and identifiable calls.

This is pretty much every legitimate message and call received anyway, but at least it stops the spammers ruining our day :) Originally, I set this site up using a virtual mobile number from Exetel.

Incoming messages are filtered a bit to try and weed out undesirable texts.

Specifically, texts that contain website URLs, email addresses, website/script code, confirmation codes, personal identification numbers (PINs) and blank content will be dropped.

Unfortunately, a virtual number is very limited in what it can do - it can send and receive SMS, but that is all.

When you try to call a virtual number, it will simply disconnect on you.

Give them the number for the rejection line and let them hassle an automated SMS to Web service instead! For a long time, the needs of desperate nightclub patrons needing a socially-acceptable solution to undesirables chasing their phone number was provided by the site The Rejection Line.