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These data highlight the value of formative research in understanding terminology and help-seeking priorities so as to develop and refine dating violence prevention and intervention efforts for those most affected.

Similar to that found among adults (2, 46-48), most youth do not disclose abuse (41, 42, 45), and those that do are more likely to turn to informal sources of support (41, 44, 45, 49).Seeking formal help for violence victimization is often an iterative process by which survivors often first turn to informal support sources and subsequently formal services, with decisions and efficacy of help provided influenced by factors such as severity of the abuse, access to services, and prior experiences with services (48, 50, 51).The prevalence of violence among adolescents and its demonstrated associations with poor health highlights the need for violence prevention and intervention with this age group.However, youth have been noted as a uniquely challenging group with regard to violence intervention.While the health impact of violence screening is mixed (33); such screening is welcomed by patients, and may even serve as a turning point at which patients begin to recognize abuse they are experiencing (34-37).

With few notable exceptions (38), there is less known about how such efforts apply to teens (39).Partner violence can also result in homicide (3, 21, 22), again with African-American women disproportionately affected (23).Despite their young age, adolescents also suffer intimate partner homicide with partners responsible for up to 44% of homicides for female youth aged 15-18 years old (24).To date, efforts to screen and support survivors of violence have largely been developed and tested among adult women (27-29).Most notably, health care-based IPV screening has been widely recommended as a mechanism to identify and assist women in abusive relationships (30-32).When asked to consider formal services, they described their preferred resource center as confidential and safe, with empathetic, non-judgmental staff.