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Mick was clear: Jake’s Blend was fabulous in an Irish coffee, featuring Irish whiskey, and not sourced for a special dessert.

In official Starbucks sites, they say that Jake’s Blend was meant to pair chocolate cake dessert.

This coffee will be served as a beverage in the dining room and also will be a main ingredient for our soon to be famous bar specialty: Irish Coffee.” Jake O’Shaughnessy’s opened January 31, 1975.

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Having reviewed historical documents from Jake O’Shaughnessy’s, as well as meeting with the co-founder of Jake O’Shaunessey’s, I find nothing to support the idea that this coffee was specially sourced for any specific chocolate cake.

The Starbucks Verona story includes a section something like this (which is correct): In the mid 1970s, Starbucks started blending and selling a coffee for a restaurant called Jake O’Shaunessey’s on lower Queen Anne (a Seattle neighborhood).

It was the very first “private label” coffee for a restaurant and it was called “Jake’s Blend,” a blend of 80% Yukon and 20% Italian Roast, and nobody else had it on their menu.

customers started coming into the stores and asking for “Jake’s Blend”.

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