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They are very matter-of-fact, and blunt about many things. They have a very casual approach to so many things. I don't want to get flamed for saying this but the European men I have dated want to go straight to the sex and forget the dinner - it's all about the physical contact and not the contact with the brain!I seem to remember reading a few thing about personal hygiene traits,things like bathing,shaving,etc,etc....regarding this general[not all]group of woman. There's no meeting of the minds - it's the meeting of the genitals!! Over-seas women have a much more relaxed, less victorian/puritanical approach to sex and dating Ha...because we've been brought up in an open, educated way towards sexuality, and not with fear....doesn't mean women can not be shy or have their own standards. Dutch people do not consider wealth and status as appreciative.

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"It seems the French, German and in Holland that girls ARE NOT SHY! In fact now they use the English/US term 'date' to decribe when two people who like each other go out.

Also, you shouldn't generalize about European women not being shy; a lot of them are.

There is a more "adult" view of sex, and the human body.

There's not the same level of "shame" associated with some things.

Hygene is much better there now than when I first went in late 70's. Problem over there is, it gets cold at night and real warm during the day.

So you may have a big sweater on, then it gets hot, you get hot, etc.Again, that obviously is just a general overview, and there are always exceptions to those.Those comments about hot showers and cold rooms in Europe is a cultural thing.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. (as far as dating, I'm from Texas and we don't do socialist governments very well, we hang em)It seems the French, German and in Holland that girls ARE NOT SHY! You almost never see the stupid games we play here.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... And if you've seen different and better, you'd recognize it more.(and I don't necessarily mean sex, I mean a friendship and relationship). First off, North American men are complete and total twits when it comes to dating.