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Right and I believe that there is at least one for every single lady who is ready for love. Right is all very mysterious and sometimes he is hiding under a mountain of absurdly idealistic expectations. He is NOT just any guy who says, “I love you.” He is NOT going to look like your favorite movie star and act like your favorite superhero. Right is the man that meets your needs and makes you happy. And more importantly, how can you get your hands on one? Right is NOT a summation of the list of credentials you made up for the “perfect” man.If you rely on a man to meet ALL your needs than you will doom your search to fail because you have unrealistic expectations. Don’t bother wondering if the pair of shoes “likes” you back. And it certainly shouldn’t determine whether you like the pair of shoes! But I am not interested in pursuing the friendship any further.”I notice that some girls wait by the phone for a guy’s call, even if they are not at all into him. In the meantime, go with the flow, stay open minded, try on a bunch of shoes (twist my arm!

I stop to smell the roses and enjoy the beauty of God's country.

When I moved to New York City and searched for love after a divorce, I went through a roller coaster of dating experiences that led to many “a-ha” moments and taught me powerful lessons.

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Thank you for the opportunity to share my expertise as a dating and love coach for women over 40.

Right who proposed to me after only 6 months of dating.

Being in a soulmate relationship for 7 years, becoming a wife and mother, passionate entrepreneur and professional certified coach, it’s my intention and deepest desire to help other women find love.

Enjoy horseback riding, motorcycle rides, romantic walk on a warm rainy day.

Love 4 legged dogs and being outdoors on a nice day.

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