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Callers to suicide helplines frequently report that benefits cuts and the insecurity of the gig economy lead people to the edge.

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There are costs to this, of course, but older generations also grew up with greater male privilege and access to more male-centric spaces such as working men’s clubs, pubs and trade unions which validated masculinity.There is a long way to go before we can claim young men grow up in a progressive, emotionally open environment.The cycling boom of the last decade has brought a new creature onto streets across the world.They can be spotted in both town and country but they're most commonly seen on a weekend, traveling in groups and easily recognizable from their bright colors.These middle-aged men in Lycra or 'Mamils' might have been so-named by a marketing firm, but statistics from British Cycling confirm they really do dominate the sport's amateur practitioners.

With a penchant for expensive equipment and figure-hugging garb, they've also become the butt of many jokes.

The current cohort of middle-aged men occupy a peculiar position.

Exceptionally high suicide rates have followed this generation through from youth to middle age.

The average age for divorce is 45, with middle-aged men more likely to live alone than ever before.

Research suggests women tend to do better after divorce because they have acted as social glue in the relationship, and thus find it easier to maintain contact with friends and family.

On Thursday, the lead singer of nu-metal band Linkin Park Chester Bennington was found dead at the age of 41 in his home in Los Angeles.