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In Alice Walker’s short story , the central conflict between two daughters—one a modern, progressive urbanite and the other a simple girl who never left the family’s rural Southern farm—is symbolized chiefly by a grandmother’s heirloom quilts.

When the urban sister visits the farm after embracing a new life and taking a new name, she is horrified to learn that the family’s precious quilts will be put to “everyday use,” rather than being hung on a wall for display.

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The quilts in Walker’s story (one of which contains a scrap of material taken from a Civil War uniform) are typical of those that quiltmakers have crafted throughout American history.

Traditionally, society entrusted the care and keeping of the domestic realm to women.

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This unit of the Tennessee Virtual Archive celebrates this most “everyday” of Tennessee creations: the homemade quilt.

Whether displayed on the walls of a museum or employed for their original purpose, Tennessee quilts embody the spirit and values of the Volunteer State better than any other tangible object.This is a back-to-front binding that yields a look of piping at the edge of the binding on the front.Also, try Jean's Genius Binding - it's a front-to-back binding without the flange.A service project, Comfort Quilts, meets on the first Tuesday. Olde Schoolhouse City Beat Modern Quilters in Pueblo.Meets on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Pueblo Main Library, 100 Abriendo Blvd, Pueblo, a.They offer wide backs from 25 manufacturers, including Benartex, Moda, Northcott, Timeless Treasures, Wilmington and Windham.