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So, I am looking for a beginner bass, I already play an electric guitar (I have an Epiphone Les Paul Special II), which I am halfway decent with and very satisfied with it.But unlike in the guitar choice I have a way harder time deciding on my bass than I had on my electric guitar.I love my Epiphone Les Paul Special II, as this is the only electric guitar I`ve played for than just a couple of minutes, so this love is probably very biased.

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Maybe moreso with Affinities than Corts, as they have a reputation that an Affinity moreso than other Squier lines, really need to be tried before you buy, as they have a reputation of spotty quality control and bad warped necks and crappy tuners (although they recently upgraded the tuners).Then again, I've read of a good number of Affinity owners that got good ones, and they love them.I bought an Affinity P Bass online last year to use as a project.I've replaced the bridge for a Babicz model and it's now my daily player.Of course, you could always buy online and take it to a local guitar shop or friendly tech to have anything you were worried about looked at.

Okay, so I checked out another store today, and after asking about Squier Vintage Modified, they pulled down a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass for slightly less than the Jaguar model I was originally looking for.

It is the older model of the series, not the 2013 one, but still.

The Modified Jazz Bass costs way more new than the Jaguar, and has a great sound and very positive reviews, but I am quite unsure about buying used instrument due to my lack of deep knowledge.

It all boils down to whether or not you are able to try them out first. I bought two Vintage Modified basses and was very happy with both. I have heard pretty much the same bout Corts as I have about Affinitys.

Whether or not that is entirely true I can't say, but yet again, I wouldn't want to take the chance buying online.

I know Cort electric guitars are kinda meh, but their basses seem to be trusted.