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“They are the norm,” says Blackman, “and the market is built for the norm.” When it comes down to it, your choice is a matter of personality.“If that guy is wearing a brief, that’s saying, ‘Look at all this.’ If he’s wearing a boxer, he’s very much hiding his assets.” Blackman recommends the always-versatile boxer brief for getting the best of both worlds.Now, check out The 20 Definitive Style Rules for Men Over 40.

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And if you’re not sure which type works best for your body type, don’t sweat it—whether you’re tall, short, rangy, stocky, or heavy—we’ve got the perfect guide to choosing which type of underwear is best for you.

; Buy now at Hailed as the holy grail of workout underwear, these Lululemon boxers won’t let you down.

They’re comfortable, they’re flattering, and they’re not flashy in a way that suggests you’re overcompensating for anything.

But make no mistake: even if you’re not super muscular, you’re ready to wear something tighter than boxers. What to Buy: Knitted Boxers “In many people’s estimation, this is the ideal body type for fashion,” says Blackman. What to Buy: Boxer Briefs The key to looking your best is proportion.

The tall, thin man, the theory goes, can pull off any article of clothing of he wants. “If you’re on the heavier side, if you have a longer leg, you should wear a boxer brief,” says Blackman.

So if you’re long and rangy like Adrien Brody, you can probably wear what you want. It offers a relaxed, comfortable fit, and the looser fabric will accentuate your thinner physique. Woven boxers are little more than pieces of flared fabric hanging between your skin and your clothing like drapes. “Chances are you’ve got some musculature there,” says Blackman, and that means showing off your bod. It will tighten up the body, providing a more sleek silhouette for the wearer.

.90; Buy now at uniqlo Like the feeling of going commando? Uniqlo created their AIRism technology to feel totally weightless, so it’s almost like you’re wearing nothing at all.

; Buy now at Pair of Thieves says their specially-made underwear fabric feels just like a basketball jersey in texture and is form-fitting yet breathable, making their styles ideal for the active guy.

And here are some more Cool and Classy Ways to Wear Camo.

; Buy now on Amazon Guys usually opt for cuts with longer legs for working out, but these short boxer briefs are breathable and supportive, too.

And for more great style advice, check out the definitive style rules for men over 40.