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The campaign is therefore a race for control of the Vortex, culminating in a cataclysmic series of endgame events.

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We’ll be detailing all of these over the coming months.No, you don’t need the first game in the trilogy in order to play WARHAMMER II.As the twin-tailed comet of Sotek made its recent journey across the skies, it caused the Vortex to become dangerously unstable.Each of the four races has its own objective regarding this: some wish to heal the Great Vortex and prevent calamity. That said, no two races have precisely the same objectives and they’ll need to accomplish them in their own way.These are spread across four continents, separated by perilous seas.

There’s a host of new gameplay features, some of which are tied to the specific narrative of the Vortex campaign, and some which will apply the huge combined campaign (see below).

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The Vortex was forged in a past age by a convocation of High Elf mages to drain the Winds of Magic from the world, and blast a huge daemonic invasion back to the Realm of Chaos from whence it came.

It is a prominent part of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world, a unique feature on the Total War: WARHAMMER II campaign map, and lies at the heart of the main campaign.

For owners of both WARHAMMER I and WARHAMMER II, our first content release shortly after launch (free of course) will be a vast, combined campaign map representing the geographical areas of both games in a single map.