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State how your cousin has faults like everyone else, but is still a good person (try to find a middle-ground) D.

Go along with what your aunt is saying, even though you don’t agree E.

Integrate your ideas with the ideas of others in order to reach a joint decision 4.

Offer a suggestion that is a combination of the top choices of the group D.Go along with whatever is decided in order to keep the peace, even if it is not what you really want to do E.Suggest a course of action that is a middle-ground for everyone D.Refrain from speaking up in order to let others have a say since you are happy to go along with whatever is decided E.Often with compromise, you have to give up something valuable to show you are committed to the relationship, or in order to get the other side to give up something important as well.

· Compromise can reduce conflict in a short time if both sides are willing to give up certain priorities · Compromise reinforces feelings of shared power and equality · Compromise is often used as a back-up solution in conflict situations when other strategies fail · As stated, compromise is valued and supported in our society, so it seems to be a reasonable/rational way to handle disputes · Compromise can be over-used and an “easy way out” when parties don’t want to spend time thinking of more creative solutions · Compromise entails some loss.you are not wasting time or resources on the conflict, you are staying out others’ business, or you are not needed to resolve the issue) · Avoidance can keep you from harm in a potentially dangerous/hostile situation · You can limit influence from others if you avoid the situation entirely · Avoidance demonstrates to others that you are not able or do not care enough to get involved · Avoidance prolongs the conflict, allows it to simmer and grow, and can lead to conflict escalation · By always avoiding conflict, you are reinforcing unhelpful beliefs that conflict is bad/scary and that you are incapable of finding successful resolutions · Avoidance allows you (and others) to go your own way, denying any sort of influence, when in reality, we are always being influenced by others and influencing them in turn · Avoidance in significant relationships often results in decreased satisfaction for both parties · Constant avoidance has been linked to health issues and diminished well-being B’s – Your primary conflict style is Competition Competitors try to out-power others, using aggressive and uncooperative behavior.Those with this style often pursue their own goals at the expense of others and try to gain power through direct confrontation.First, take this short 5- question quiz to determine your primary and secondary conflict styles.Then continue reading to find out what your style means for you and your interactions with others.You will not get everything you want/need · Compromise can be used a form of avoidance to come to a quick solution rather than discussing more deeply the issues at hand · Compromise can be limiting since it is familiar and easy to use.