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When Jughead first came to Riverdale, he was in a bad mood and tended to dismiss Archie.

However, Archie, of good heart, tried to cheer up Jughead and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Jughead usually knows when Archie's ideas will not work, but is powerless to avoid getting involved.Reggie Mantle is Archie's constant romantic and athletic rival.Jughead wears a trademark clubhouse beanie (a Depression-era style of makeshift hatwear, crafted from an inverted fedora with a scallop-cut brim, and decorated with assorted pinbacks) and an inscrutable, closed-eyelid expression.Often Jughead has to help Archie out from a tricky situation.Now that Veronica sporadically dates Jason Blossom and Adam Chisholm, Archie shows a tinge of jealousy.

Archie is married to Betty in Archie Marries Betty: Life With Archie series.The Little Archie series, published from 1956 through the mid-1990s, chronicles the adventures of pre-teen Archie and his friends while in elementary school.The 2010 revival of the Life with Archie series chronicles two alternate, parallel story lines in which Archie marries Betty and Veronica.Archie considers Betty to be his girlfriend, and he loves her not only for her beauty, but for her kindness and helpfulness.Archie is always fighting for her affection with his rival, Reggie Mantle, and occasionally other boys.The love triangle between Betty, Archie and Veronica became the hallmark of the Archie stories since the character was created more than 70 years ago.