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"She was rebellious because it's hard to contain a star."After graduating from high school, Cogswell joined her sister, Alex, at Arizona State University.

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She was one of 2,000 children who qualified to go to Indianapolis as part of a national training program, and from that group she was selected as one of just 60 to briefly train with former U. "She was this little ball of muscle."Cogswell helped Skyline's cheer team win states and become a finalist at nationals in 2009.When Skyline coach Stephania Gullikson needed a cheerleader to film an instructional video for the state judges association, she chose Cogswell."They say coaches don't have favorites, but they do, and she was mine," Gullikson said. What was special was her spirit, her drive, her willingness to help others."'Hard to contain a star'Cogswell hated the stereotypes that came with being a cheerleader.A life behind the pictures When Cogswell died, pictures of her smiling and shimmering and wearing her U of L cheerleading uniform were everywhere on websites and television.Now, through interviews and police reports, a stronger picture of her — and the final hours of her life — has emerged.After her freshman year, Cogswell returned home to Washington, where she joined a competitive adult cheer team and helped teach cheerleading to children.

She was so adored by the students that whenever she walked into the gym, she was smothered.Toxicology reports showed that heroin, marijuana, amphetamines and Xanax were in Cogswell's system when she died.Jefferson County Deputy Coroner Cindy Curtsinger said the heroin was what proved deadly. Carland said her daughter had used heroin several years earlier but that she had taken Vivitrol, which blocks the highs caused by heroin, for two years.They talked about her off-campus apartment and her classes and, of course, the Louisville cheerleading team. Carland said her daughter told her she was going to see friends down the hall at the Cardinal Towne apartment complex. Polk was not cited by police, and investigators commended him for his swift actions in notifying medical personnel that morning.But Carland hopes her daughter's death helps raise awareness and sparks discussion about the dangers of heroin, an oftentimes fatal drug that has become increasingly common in Kentucky.It seemed she was finding her way.'Something about Dani'Cogswell's family believes some have made unfair assumptions about her lifestyle, and they want people to know the girl they knew growing up in Sammamish, Wash. Cogswell's energy, curiosity and athleticism were evident at an early age.