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If your honey is handing out hundreds like a Goodfella, that could be a sign of trouble.

“It might mean that he doesn’t have very good credit, so he has to use cash to pay for things,” says Bossler.

We know selling a home is not an easy decision and we don't take that lightly. Using the latest technology and a highly skilled team we are here to make your Fast Cash Sale a stress-free and seamless process.

Through sound communication and professionalism, we are able to provide you the Ritz Carlton experience of fast cash house sales.

We are use new technology to simplify this process which helps us move lightning quick. We have a whole property management team that will professionally handle tenants. Even a simple list of normal repairs will add up to thousands of dollars and weeks of time quickly. Our team will take your information and run it though a formula that will take into account recent real estate transactions in your area (commonly called 'comps'), estimated repairs, and current market conditions and come up with a fair all cash offer. Real Estate agents list properties for you and hope that someone will buy them.

We can even close in a week (or whenever you need to). Regardless of your circumstance we are a simple and friendly way to help get you back on the right track. In exchange for this you pay the agent a percentage of the sales price. This means for every 100k the house sells for 3-6k!

If it seems as if he ducks the question or gets defensive, your suspicions are probably warranted, says Spira.

Some people are “superficial spenders” who like to give people the impression they are more successful or wealthy than they really are, says Duran.

Unlike other more complicated options, you pay no commissions, no closing costs, no confusing fees. We can get you out from underneath all that landlord stress. Forget about the added costs and time it takes to get your home ready with the other guys. With our experience and introducing some great technology we actually have a pretty slick (and fast) process.

We have worked hard to turn this into a very simple, friendly transaction. Over the years we have put offers on a ton of houses!

I was referred to Fast Cash Sale from a friend who said they were very fair and could move quickly.

They got me an offer within 24 hours and we closed on the house in only 5 days.

You may just want to come out and ask (in a lighthearted way) how she manages to afford such splurges.