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That question has been niggling at the back of my brain ever since.This past week I ran into enough information to start searching for the answers and you should have seen me shout when I ran into them!

This new paper, however, is noteworthy in many respects that will challenge naysayers: Another standout feature of this paper is the undercurrent of emotion.

Scientific papers tend to be stodgy and understated in tone.

I discovered it was because of Carbon-14 dating of the charcoal buried among the stones.

Now, the question is, why did the C-14 give a date so old when we know the world hadn’t even been created 10,000 years ago?

I just “happened” to run across another Creation Science radio show to listen to while I’m waiting for a new episode of the Creation Today Show.

Guess what the first program I listened to talked about: Carbon-14 and those trees with higher levels than normal! Don Clark explained the C-14 in our bodies today has only been there for about a year or so since we keep cycling it out somehow. It isn’t very scientific to assume the level of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere has always been exactly the same as it is today.

But, if you make adjustments for a much stronger Magnetic Field, you might just get dates matching the Bible’s. Oh, yes, we’ve just found Carbon-14 in dinosaur bones. Archaeology has an article on Carbon-14 and other Radiometric Dating methods Carbon-14 isn’t the only particle produced by cosmic rays, Beryllium-10 and Chlorine-36 are made in a similar way.

The paper I found is horribly long, but you can find out more on pages 33-39 of A Christian Response to Radiometric Dating by Dr Tasman B.

Amazingly, I It was a little hard to find a website willing to admit this without being Creationist, but National Geographic has an article on it.

Do they figure out the world can’t have lasted as long as Evolution requires because of this fact?

Oh, no, they just say it’s going to slow down and then start up again in the opposite direction (as they claim it’s been doing for billions of years). To find out how fast the magnetic field is fading, I checked out the Institute for Creation Research which specializes in this area.