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I can't see this going anywhere because if those emails were ever exposed it would expose everything from pizzagate to Seth to why the Rebublicans are afraid to repeal Obamacare.Graft, pedos, murders, hookers to honey pots...there I'd bet.I don"t know but sounds like a willing accomplice ( possibly unknowingly).... What's soooo important to threaten a police investigator.... Initially, Indian Muslims were most attempted targets but now high caste Hindus Diaspora is the real attraction of ISI agents for espionage.

"- Wasswerman Schultz thought of them as "friends".... It employs a large number of different types of human resource which share information voluntarily or involuntarily.

Reluctant to let them go after others in office said hit the road... The ISI agents often build a very warm relationship with the subjects and take a long time to build trust.

Until someone besides fox news says it, nobody will listen.

As far as the lefties are concerned, zero hedge is not any more authoritative than Info Wars. Nobody is going to listen to this until someone is indicted, someone besides Awans.

Rosensentein has to be a Deep State plant to let Meuller collect a bunch of Democrat lawyers to witch hunt Trump.

After the last batch of sackings the public are used to it - sack Rosenstein, move Sessions to DHS.Its contacts with Saudi Arabian Intelligence Services, Chinese Intelligence, the American CIA and British MI6 have been well known.And FFS Trump needs to remove Meuller and his team as the conflict of interest is beyond blatant.That should have been enough to throw him off the committee.Instead he co-authored the Dodd-Frank Act along with another corrupt legislator whose name escapes us all. De Santis Call For An Investigation Into Wasserman Schultz's Ties To Awan My response: I really look forward to seeing how this situation develops. We need a victory where CAREER CRIMINALS are finally held to account for their actions and brought to justice.Looks and smells like an espionage operation conducted by the IT guys to sell to foreign entities.