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Cannabis Use Disorder is a condition characterized by the harmful consequences of repeated cannabis use, a pattern of compulsive cannabis use, and (sometimes) physiological dependence on cannabis (i.e., tolerance and/or symptoms of withdrawal).

This disorder is only diagnosed when cannabis use becomes persistent and causes significant academic, occupational or social impairment.

Accurate diagnosis of this disorder requires assessment by a qualified practitioner trained in psychiatric diagnosis and evidence-based treatment.

However, if no such professional is available, our free computerized diagnosis is usually accurate when completed by an informant who knows the patient well.

Occasionally, anxiety, depression, or social withdrawal occurs.

This intoxication has two or more of the following developing within 2 hours of cannabis use: red eyes (conjunctival injection), increased appetite, dry mouth, or rapid pulse.Disabled Date Place specialises in online dating and matchmaking services for people with a wide range of disabilities.Online dating is for everyone and meeting new people is fun with our dating site.Cannabis Intoxication causes significant psychological and social impairment.It begins with a "high" euphoric feeling followed by inappropriate laughter and grandiosity, sedation, lethargy, impairment in short-term memory, difficulty carrying out complex mental processes, impaired judgment, distorted sensory perceptions, impaired motor performance, and the sensation that time is passing slowly.These withdrawal symptoms typically don't require medical attention; however, they make quitting cannabis difficult.