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Beautiful Agony is a channel of people orgasming, but the camera never leaves their face.

The entire clip is a tight shot on their face, so you can watch them experience orgasm without actually watching anything explicit.

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From my Facebook friends to you, here are women’s favorite spank bank material.Click on any of the links in this post at your own discretion — most are NSFW.Well, making a commitment to take the cremated remains of your passed partner and putting them in a dildo.Created by artist Mark Sturkenboom, 21 Grams is a new — let’s call it — dild-urn that contains up to 21 grams of ashes.Reads the item description: “She is able to have an intimate night with her sweetheart again.” Oh, and to answer your next question: Yes, there is space in the ashes-dildo case for an i Phone.

Because man, would that ever be awkward if there wasn’t.

star has finally turned her gizmo next level by introducing the Thighmaster Vibrato.

As she told Huff Post Live, “It’s really great for your thighs and whatever happens, happens.” In case it wasn’t clear, she also emphasizes: You can use the Vibratro on your groin. If you want the time-tested version of raising money through masturbation, there is the Masturbate-a-Thon, started by Good Vibrations in 1999 and which continues today.

And for a more hands-on approach, in Taiwan there is even a group of volunteers that helps people with physical disabilities to masturbate.

Called Hand Angels, its 50-year-old founder Vincent emphasizes, “Disabled people share the same physical and emotional needs as any others, and therefore should have the right to pursue them.” How do you know it’s true love?

In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know on becoming a successful cam girl (or cam guy), and we'll tackle some of the most common fears and concerns people have coming into this industry. [Almost] anybody with a webcam and a relatively fast internet connection can start broadcasting themselves and making mountains of money.