Avatar last airbender dating games

Katara felt nervous, sneaking into the earth kings palace on their date. just then, fireworks starts going off in the skies. " Then Sokka bolts away and crashes through the wall."Not again." Toph says, whining.

Aang flies to the roof of the palace and Katara sees a large garden filled with wild red roses.

Katara pulls Aang out and then bends the water off of him. ""Yeah, it's just that our boat sank." Katara explains. Sokka starts rubbing on his head in total exhaustion."So, how are you feeling, captain boomerang? Sokka starts coming down and then crashes right in front of Toph. And that's a bed of nails."Sokka takes a clear look at the bed of nails and notices it's not a couch. Half and hour later, Aang and Katara walks down the street, holding hands, and returns home. "I knew you could do it, twinkletoes." Toph says, smiling. just then, Toph catches a scent in the cup and takes a closer sniff.

Katara moves to the petting zoo part and sees a fire-ferret. "We saved one of them from the petting zoo."The fire-ferret rubs on Kataras cheek and purrs. "His name is Pabu." (A/N: I just thought it be interesting to add Pabu to the group)Aang and Katara returns to the streets. Aang now hopes that this next one will turn our perfect. Pabu hangs on the edge of the boat and watches the turtle ducks and chatters. Aang runs down the street, he keeps running and running until he goes into an old dump in the ally. Just then, Pabu hears something and hops off of Kataras shoulders. Aang slowly stops crying then looks at Katara, with tears still escaping from his eyes."What's wrong, Aang? "Don't be upset about what happened, I'm having fun Aang.

Katara sits down and the fire-ferret hops on Kataras lap. "Aww...aren't you so cute." The fire-ferret rubs on Katara and purrs. Katara feeds the turtle ducks, but just then, a hole pops open at the floor of the boat. Had delicious tea, well cooked dinner, got a new pet and fed sweet little turtle ducks. Katara takes out Aangs list and hands it to him."This list says you have a surprise for me." Aang takes a look at the list and notices it under 'feed the turtle ducks on the lake' "What is it?

Aang hopes that this date will go as perfect as he plans. All three of them talks at once."What are you doing here? "Don't blame yourself, you probably didn't know Zuko and his uncle were there.

While Aang looks over the list again, Katara walks into the living room. Katara's wearing a lovely blue long slave dress with Ocean waves at the end of the slaves and the dress, and with her hair out."Wow... Besides, the tea was still delicious.""I guess..." Aang looks over the listen again. Aang and Katara walks down the street, until Aang takes Katara to some restaurant.

Aang and Katara waits by the table for their dinner."What's wrong with Sokka anyways?

" Aang asks."He's drinking cactus juice again." Katara mentions.

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Play Full Screen Controls: Arrow Keys Move your character around, Z or X changes your character.

Elemental Escape Game Description: Elemental Escape is a flash game that let’s you play as Toph, Katara, and Aang in a challenging puzzle game where you have to use each skill of the various characters in order to successfully beat each level.

Zuko sees Sokka and locks his eyes on him until he was out of sight. I didn't mean THAT kind of crazy.""He's..feeling right." Katara says. He sees my uncle as a traitor cause he attacked Zhao and he sees me as a failure because..." Zuko closes his eyes, thinking about the pain, then he feels the scar on his face.