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A: Chlamydia is a fairly common and treatable STI, but it can permanently damage the reproductive system if left untreated, so if Philip’s ex doesn’t know, she ought to get tested, she might be at risk of decreased fertility in the future or an ectopic pregnancy.

A: It’s sweet, if enormously misguided, that your mother is trying to be supportive of your bisexuality, but this is just nonsense and should be treated (gently! “Mom, I appreciate that you mean well, but my depression is unrelated to my sexuality and can’t be treated by getting a girlfriend.Being bisexual isn’t like being a nun in the direction of a specific gender, and it doesn’t help me when I bring up my depression, and you reply, ‘Yeah, and you’ve never dated a woman, either.’ I’m not suppressed, I’m happily out; whether or not I date women in the future, I’m still going to struggle with the physical realities of depression, as I have for a number of years.” Feel free, of course, to share less about your depression with your mother if you think she’s likely to continue to trot forth a number of well-meaning and nonsensical theories; save those conversations for your doctor and your therapist. : My husband and I have a friend we’ll call “Philip” who recently found out he has contracted chlamydia.It’s especially frustrating because she first asked about it only a month after Mom died while we were at a wedding reception, and it wound up making me cry, but she still keeps asking.Plus, she’s my mom’s sister, not dad’s, so it feels strange that she’s so eager to move on. A: I’m trying to be as generous as possible toward your aunt, but even so I can’t come up with a reasonable justification for why she should repeatedly ask you, starting merely a month after your mother’s funeral, whether or not your father is dating again.My wife thinks that would be a blatant, hurtful signal of a friend breakup, so I should suck it up and see her one more time.

I just really, really want to avoid listening to racist, transphobic comments!

I always have, with every partner, at any given time.

I just do not see the appeal in putting your tongue in someone else’s mouth.

My boyfriend on the other hand loves it and wants to do it every time we are about to have sex.

So here I am, dreading the moment he will inevitably wriggle that tongue in, and I have to clench my fists to stop myself from physically pushing him away when he does.

A: Yeah, I’m getting a lot of letters to the effect of “The aunt is trying to find out if her sister’s widow is dating again because she herself wants to date him,” which is at the very least, an ineffective strategy. His two most recent sexual partners are a girlfriend he had dated for a few months and an old flame who he hooked up with while she cheated on her boyfriend.