Association of dating agencies and matchmakers

You may choose post or email to receive profiles from the Matchmaking Team and then the excitement starts, as you begin to meet the matches we have selected for you and feedback to us, so we can constantly update your preferences and the type of person that you really want to meet.

We work in close partnership with you, listening to what you have to say about each profile you receive and using that information to build a picture of the one you seek.

He is a confident man but could perhaps appear quieter who is practical and hard working.

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Within a few days of joining our dating agency you will receive a letter of welcome with your Member’s Handbook, an excellent guide to help you understand how the Searchmate service works and we will also refer you to Jo Barnett, our expert relationship guide, who will set the scene for you and try to help you get the absolute maximum out of this exciting journey you are about to embark on.We have three levels of membership and whichever you have chosen, we will try to ensure that your membership is really memorable.It’s two pages about you including photographs and contains all the essential information such as your age, marital status, area, children, occupation etc.and another page describing your personality, hobbies and interests.She has since diverted her focus, specializing in mediation since the past 15 years. Thomas is a reputable mediator in USA & HK, especially in family law matters, she acts as the Legal Counsel to HK Matchmakers especially in regard to conflict resolution between couples, between couples and their families, pre-marital counseling and pre-nuptial agreements.

Rochelle is a New Zealand registered nurse, specializing in health management and education.

We consider ourselves lucky to have Regina with us. Barbara Thomas served at the Chair of the San Francisco Bar Family Law Assn., the California Family Law Section Executive Committee, and Chair of Californian State Bar Committee writing family law legislation.

After 20 years as a litigator, she now believes that mediation is the best alternative to conflict resolution.

Constant meetings with people who do not look [...]Attractive lady just 50 in Bath, slim and dark haired. [...]I is in his mid 40's, a professional running a small farm based in East Devon.

Attractive and tall, he is very easy to engage with and appears warm and welcoming.

She and her family have lived in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore previously.