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This fascinating half day tour provides an insight into Dubai's rich history.

Depart from the meeting point to the Jumeirah Mosque; Photo stop at the Jumeirah Mosque (the guide will explain the significance of the mosque whilst conducting a quick walk-around with the guests); Photo stop at the Zabeel Presidential Palace; Visit the Dubai Museum; Ride an Abra to Deira Souq; Spend Time at Spice Souq; Spend Time at Gold Souq; Option to stay in the Souq for shopping or take the bus back to your hotel.

The encampment conjures up images of the Arabian Nights, relax on comfortable low cushions in Bedu Tents where you can quench your thirst, you could also have your hands painted with intricate henna designs, experience a short camel ride or just enjoy the aromatic shisha.

A feast of grilled meats, fresh salads and delectable Arab sweets is served.

From a high crest dune, you will watch the sun cast its orange glow over the vast expanse of rippling sand all round you as it sets.

Like a shimmering mirage in the distance you will see the flickering lights of your camp where a traditional Arabian welcome awaits you.

The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab is more than just a stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai.

The hotel is situated on Jumeirah Beach 15 km south of Dubai.

Burj Al Arab does not have rooms; it has 202 suites, each one arranged over two floors.

Ranging from a capacious 169 m² to an astonishing 780 m² in size, the floor to ceiling glass windows offer simply breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf.

In a setting on the 18th floor that would make a poet sigh, ease your tension in the Spa's crystal clear pools or perhaps indulge yourself with the finest treatments to invigorate and revitalise.

Whether it's pampering, weight loss, stress reduction or relaxation, at Assawan Spa & Health Club, your every need is anticipated and satisfied.

This evening the mysterious desert will beckon you for a magical evening out - an adventure you'll never forget.