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Like a lot of American men these days, I married a young Asian girl. Her body was banging she had a tight miniskirt on and you could see all her curves, the *** on her was thick as... It's my preference and fetish to be with white men.

But my white exes have given me some bit of perspective as to why some white men would rather not be with black women.

He asked if he could come up and talk to me and I told him that I would have to check with Larry. I'm 42 and haven't had sex with anyone but my husband (John) since we were married 19 years years ago. I was standing in the lobby waiting for it to start & I saw a guy I went to high school w/ named Michael.

I have had sex with two white guys and they were both good. I love swallowing their seed and delicious juice and shot down my throat and spreading deep into my tummy.

I feel bad for the guys though because they were so concerned with their size. An ex-girlfriend of mine introduced me online to a casual friend of her who was black.

He sat at our table & we had a few drinks & talked. I did some things that I regretted as I got older, but the story I'm about to tell you was probably the most ****** up. I find myself looking at dirty pics on tumblr of White **** in Black women's **** and I get instantly turned on. We flew into Trivandrum and got a taxi to the hotel. Dirty dishes in the sink the floor needed cleaning but I just had no interest in it. the sex is no longer good is it is a mostly sexless marriage. We had been doing a lot of swinging so were used to us having new sex partners. than interracial love and the production of children from their unions. my friend white friend mary-katilyn & i met 2yrs ago, our first year of college.

As usual hubby Dave was jet lagged and just went to bed. I wondered if my wife was coming back to m or not she has been staying at her lovers house almost a week now. we shared a campus apartment/dorm with 2 other girls. she's about 5'2 (im 5'0), blond, blue eyed, large perfect (fake) C cup boobs, in shape, curvy body, rich white chick...

I knew from the moment I first saw him, I had to have him. But as I got older, I developed a love for women in general, regardless of skin color. As you might recall from the previous episode of this story, I find myself at the home of K and F.

He stepped out of his truck...6'2", chiseled body, clean cut, gentle ease in his walk..then he smiled and introduced himself. I now have a preference for a nice tanned, maybe coffee (cafe con leche) skin tone... K and I (both in our early-thirties at the time) are in the backyard pool. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I would find out later that K is bi. I am addicted to his BBC and just cannot get enough of them inside my mouth and in between my legs and boobs.

Morgan Lee gets a massage from Lyra Law, the girl she caught in bed with her boyfriend.

Ex-girlfriend Lena Nicole gives a massage to masseuse Jojo Kiss because she wants to return the favor.

Now if it was just his preference then there's nothing that can be done. My wife wrote the story and this all happened before we even met or married. Most women fantasize about how big black men really are and what it would really feel like to have sex with one.

I kind of brushed the idea of it ever happening out of...

Student Carter Cruise convinces her study buddy Carmen Caliente to take a much-needed break.