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He has a history of arthritis and type 2 diabetes, which has been controlled with tolazamide 100 mg daily.

The 3D-CAM takes only 3 minutes and is recommended when a quick assessment is needed.

Both forms assess for key characteristics of delirium, including sudden onset, fluctuating course, inattention, disorganized thinking, and altered levels of consciousness.

When his wife visits at lunch time, she tells Jessica her husband is picking at the bedding and complaining of feeling cold. When you respond, he states, “I can’t figure out how to get my TV on.” You remind him you explained how to use the TV remote yesterday, and ask if he has trouble remembering things.

Jessica has the nursing assistant give him a warm blanket. He states he didn’t have trouble until he came to the hospital.

The Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) is an evidence-based tool you can use to identify delirium quickly, easily, and correctly.

It’s the most widely used tool in published studies, with extensive reports on its validity and reliability in older adults.Both CAM forms and their instructions are available from Hospital Elder Life Program for Prevention of Delirium at Sudden onset and inattention, plus either disorganized thinking or an altered level of consciousness, indicate a positive screen on CAM.Patients with a positive screen require further evaluation by a physician or an advanced practice nurse to identify the cause and initiate appropriate interventions. Jeffries for delirium, based on her observation of excessive drowsiness, his wife’s report of him picking at his bedding, and his complaint of pain despite his medication. These results indicate a positive screen for delirium, so she immediately contacts the physician to ensure a more thorough evaluation.Delirium may be reversible if detected and treated early.Separate versions of CAM have been developed for use in clinical practice.